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        1. 公司簡介

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          Cangzhou Rongchang Glasswork Co., Ltd. is a large production base certified by the SFDA, specializing in the production of medicinal glass bottles. The company is located in the state-level industrial development zone - Botou industrial zone Road No. 3. The plant situates in a beautiful environment,trees make a pleasant shade, it is an ideal venue for the production of medicinal bottles; it enjoys convenient transportation, 2 km close to the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, only 180 km away from the Tianjin Port.
          Rongchang company has annual output 1 billion of various bottles, 1 billion plastic trays. The products are sold to Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Jilinaodong Medicine, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, pharmaceutical and health products industry in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, some products are also exported to Philippines, Pakistan, Cuba, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries or regions, they are greatly praised by users. 
          Our products are manufactured in full accordance with the GMP standard. We obtained"Drug Packaging Materials and Containers Registration Certificate"granted by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2006 and completed replacement work of new drug packaging certificate in 2014. So far the company has received several "drug packaging materials and containers registration certificates", " tuburlar soda-lime glass vials for oral
          liquid": "Sinopharm package word 20140436"; " tubular low borosilicate glass vilas for injection": "Sinopharm package word
          20140954";" tubular  neutral borosilicate glass vilas for injection ":" Sinopharm package word20140867. "
          Rongchang philosophy:enterprise policy --hard work, science, exploration, innovation, integrity, security, to be
          market-oriented, take quality as life and quality services as guarantee. Rely on science and technology, ensure quality, create brand, increase variety, make benefits, and dedication to the medical profession, dedication to human health with high-grade , precision and advanced pharmaceutical packaging. We sincerely welcome domestic and overseas businessmen to visit and negotiate for cooperation.

          Serving the pharmaceutical industry, assuring pharmaceutical safety. Rongchang bottles, safe bottles!



          地址:河北省泊頭市開發區三號路008號  郵編:062150  電話:0317-8334508  冀ICP備17007395號
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